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LaEve is light sensitive. If the product is left near a window or under a light it may dry in the bottle over time. The best place to keep your Gel Polish is in a dark place at room temperature. Unlike some other nail polishes, you should never put LaEve in the fridge.

I always moisturize my hands after applying gel polish and any time my hands feel dry in general. I apply cuticle oil very frequently, and always have some handy on my desk and in my purse. I also occasionally use my heated spa mitts or paraffin bath when I want to pamper my hands a little.

Another uniqueness of LaEve is that it can be cured equally fast under UV or LED light without any tacky feeling or necessity of wiping with gel wipes.

No. Gel polish has a special formula that allows it to cure with UV light technology.

Premature lifting or peeling is often caused by improper nail preparation. Before applying gel polish your nails should be completely dry, so don’t apply just after taking a shower, washing dishes, etc. Be sure to lightly buff your nails and then cleanse them extremely well with an alcohol-based cleanser to remove any oils from your nails. Don’t apply lotion or oil to your nails prior to applying gel polish… use those products after your manicure is complete.

Gel polish should not weaken your nails when applied & removed properly. It provides extra strength and prevents your nails from ripping and breaking, allowing them to grow longer and stronger. The key is proper removal using a soak-off technique. Don’t chisel, chip, file or peel your polish off… doing this will absolutely damage your nails. Use an orange stick to aid in the removal if needed, but don’t use tools that will gauge your nail beds. Also, be careful not to over-buff your nails prior to applying gel polish. You only need a very light buff (if at all), and buffing too frequently can cause your nails to become thin. I’ve heard that even with proper removal and lots of moisturizing, some people finds that using gel polish makes their nails weaker, makes them peel, and dries out their nails and fingers. Others can use gel nails either all the time or off and on with no ill effects. It just depends on your natural nail strength and flexibility, and how your nails react to being soaked in acetone.

No – sorry. Regular gel polish requires a lamp. If it doesn’t require a UV/LED lamp, it’s a regular polish marketed as gel-like.

You can, but you have to make sure that the regular nail polish is 100% dry before applying the topcoat – wait several hours or overnight. Some people find that using a gel topcoat really helps polishes last longer, and some people find it makes their polish peel off in sheets – it seems to depend on your body chemistry. Another option is to apply the gel polish normally, then apply the regular polish on top. This way, you get the strength of gel polish, but can use all your regular polish colours. You can remove your regular polish with non-acetone remover without harming the gel polish. This is a great way to practice stamping and nail art – you can use a base of gel polish, and then use regular polish on top to do the stamping or art, and any mistakes are easily removed with non-acetone remover without harming the gel polish base.

First, file the surface of the nail lightly to break the seal on the gel. Then, try the foil method – soak a cotton ball or pad in acetone (or acetone based remover), and place it on your nail. Wrap your nail in foil, and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Then, remove the foil – the gel polish should be soft, and you can take an orangewood cuticle stick and scrape off the polish without harming your nail. If it’s not soft yet, repeat with the remover & foil; never peel off the gel polish, because it could harm your nails. Note that non-acetone remover will not remove gel polish.

Use the thinnest layers you can of everything – the base, colour, and topcoat. Make sure that you wipe your nail surface with either alcohol or acetone before you use the gel kit – if you have oils on your nails, the gel basecoat won’t adhere properly. You could also have cuticle on your nail plate; using cuticle remover all over your nail should help with this. And finally, if you’re still having problems, you can also lightly buff your nails with a file to rough up the surface a little bit; this may help the gel basecoat adhere.

It really depends. Just like regular polish varies from a day to about ten days depending on the person, the polish, and the application, gel polish seems to vary from about three days to about three weeks, with most people finding that a gel polish application lasts more than a week.

I haven’t tried this, but I find that if I miss a spot when I’m applying the gel base coat, the gel polish doesn’t adhere to my nail at all. So, I think that if you tried to use a polish without the gel base coat, it would not work at all.

Personally, once my nails are filed and I’m done removing cuticles, it takes about 25-30 minutes to apply the layers of gel polish. It would be a little faster if I used a colour that only required one coat. That is longer than it takes me to do my nails with regular polish, but at the end of it my nails are 100% dry, which is worth something!

Generally speaking, not right away. In about 2-4 months your nails should have grown out of the damaged nail plate and then if your nail technician thinks you are a good candidate for a gel manicure, absolutely. Gel Manicures are best for those with healthy natural nails. In the meantime, clean your nails short, and polishes, although you should change the polish about once a week, no more than that. If you have chipping just add another clear top coat. If the ridges are really bad a good ridge filler base coat should do the trick.

LED lamps use technology that’s similar but more efficient to UV lamps. LED nail curing lamps set Gel Polish in under half the time of UV lamps. They don’t generate heat or emit UVAs or UVBs, and you don’t need to replace the bulbs like you do with UV lamps.

It usually takes about 15 minutes to soak the gel polish off. If it takes longer, don’t worry.

This will depend on the shade and personal preference. Some colours cover fine in one coat and you may also want to use only one coat for a more natural look. Most shades need 2 coats and some people prefer 3 coats.

That’s fine – they are supposed to be tacky after every coat to stick the layers together.

The easiest way is to apply LaEve Gel Polish to both your thumbs first and then set them together. You can then apply the Gel Polish to the other nails on each hand in turn. When you set your nails, make sure you put your hand all the way inside the lamp so the LED light completely covers your fingertips.

Yes. Shaking the bottle helps to thin the viscosity of the gel polish, making it easier to apply and helping to spread the polish evenly. That said… only the Colour gel polish need to be shaken before use, no need to shake the top and base coat.

No, LaEve is not tested on animals and does not contain animal products.

Gel polishes are very safe when properly applied and properly removed. Gel polish can stay looking nice anywhere from 7-21 days depending on the health of your nails, your lifestyle and if the gels were properly and professionally applied.